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Maintaining a healthy gut is very important not only for our digestive function but other bodily functions as well. Research has shown that an unbalanced gut, with more bad bacteria than good, is linked to many health issues - from obvious digestive problems to even skin and brain disorders. Our gut is linked with other body systems and we better keep it in a healthy and optimised condition.

Ultimately, our gut’s health depends on the balance of good vs bad bacteria. If the bad bacteria outweighs the good than it is unhealthy for our systems and this is where problems start to arise. Since most of the food we eat isn’t rich in probiotics and prebiotics, it’s best to incorporate foods into our diet that are rich in those substances.

So, if you’ve been wondering which are the best foods for a healthy gut, we here at teatox present you with a list. Some of these foods contain probiotics which are good bacteria for your gut whereas other contain enzymes and prebiotics that act as the main food source of good bacteria within the gut.

No 1: Yoghurt. Plain or Greek yoghurt that bears the label “contains live cultures” is a rich probiotic (good bacteria) source. When looking up for the best yogurt possible, it’s also best to look for full fat yogurt from goat or sheep as this contains the most probiotics and is more gut-friendly than yogurt from processed cow milk. Just make sure you eat it alone or with some fruits or savory food and not anything sugary and sweet as sugar feeds the bad bacteria in your gut. 

No 2: Kefir. Kefir is another cultured dairy product you want to include in your diet as it is enriched in probiotics due to the live cultures it contains. It’s basically a fermented thick and creamy milk product that is a mix of milk and heavy cream in terms of texture.Kefir has been popular in Eastern European and Slavic cultures and you can either drink it alone or in a smoothie and along with your food if you find it difficult to smell and taste it alone.  

No 3: Pickled/fermented vegetables. If you are not a fan of cultured dairy products or vegan, you can take your probiotic sources from pickled and fermented vegetables. These are fermented sauerkraut (cabbage), carrots, onions, beetroots and any other vegetable that is fermented traditionally in brine with minimal use of preservatives. And the good thing is, you can take them anytime of the day for a good probiotic boost.  

No 4: Bananas. Bananas are one of the few fruits that contain prebiotics that feed good bacteria without irritating your stomach. Plus, they fortify your gut with essential nutrients like magnesium and potassium which help release long-lasting energy. If your system can’t digest easily any fruits with a hard peel like oranges, apples or kiwis, eat bananas instead.

No 5: Leeks, onions, and garlic: Leeks, onions, fresh onions, and garlic contain a good dose of prebiotics for feeding your gut’s good bacteria. However, some people may not digest them easily due to their high salicylic acid content. If this is the case, cook them by steam or sautee them so their heat and acids break down and are easier to digest.

Also, when it comes to liquids that help digestion, your best resources would be plain water, smoothies, and tea without sugar added like one from our ranges. Both your food and liquid sources are equally important for a healthy gut!

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