New year, new you! January is the best month for coming up with a plan for living up to your New Year’s resolutions. We know it seems like a lot of time is left until 2016 comes knocking, but trust us, time flies by faster than you say “Teatox”.

With 2015 just beginning, and the ink on your resolutions list still fresh, now is the perfect time to take one more step towards your goals, and we are here to teach you how to do that in the most fun and enjoyable way possible, no matter the resolution! So make yourself a cup of tea, and check out our list of things to keep in mind when working on your resolutions.

Create Your Own Little Oasis Inside Your Home

The first thing you need to do is find a place inside your home that makes you feel safe, a place that nurtures your creativity and compliments your personality. If you don’t have it, create it! It can be as simple as always having your favorite throw pillow around or as complex as designing your own little office with a view; the most important thing is that you make it your own and feel happy in it. Write passages from your favorite book, put up a poster with your favorite band or movie, print out that photo that best shows your smile, or buy that perfect tea cup you wanted and use it daily.

Have Patience and Enjoy the Road

We would all like to see our resolutions become reality in the very first months of the new year but since that rarely happens, one of the most important things is that we learn to heave patience, and enjoy the road that takes us there. There will be bumps along the way, life’s never perfect; but the way we learn to deal with those imperfections is what makes us stronger.

A Small Step for You, a Big Step for Your Resolutions

Even if it doesn’t feel that way, there are little things that work for or against our resolutions present in every day, and the key to taking the right steps is to never forget the goal, but most importantly, never forget the benefits that come with fulfilling it. People say that having a positive attitude can help with pretty much anything, and being happy all the time will surely bring you more and more happiness; but we know that reality is never like that, so we say to you: learn to trust yourself, love the person that you are, and know the person that you want to become. With this in mind, your resolutions with match your spiritual needs and your end-results will be exactly what you were aiming towards.

Keep Your Resolutions Close

Writing down your resolutions and always having them somewhere handy can be more helpful than you can imagine. Whether you want to lose some weight, travel the world, change your job or just try out a different kind of tea; you are most likely to do it if you have a daily reminder.

Just do it!

The truth is that the most productive thing you can do towards accomplishing your goals is to do just that: accomplish your goals. Start that diet today, plan your vacation early, read the first page of that book you keep postponing. No matter the resolution, work daily to achieve it; there’s always time for the things that help us grow and make us happy.


All tips and tricks aside, no resolution is ever perfect, no road is ever smooth and no person is ever mistake-free; all we can do is our best, and our best will make us better with each passing year.

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