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One of the hardest parts of weight loss and dieting is seeing that your results are not as satisfying as you wanted them to be, especially if on the surface, you’re doing everything right. Sometimes, all you need is a trick or secret to get from mediocre results to astonishing ones, things like a little bit more workout during the day, a Teatox in the morning or a magic meal that will help your metabolism burn more fat.

And speaking of magic meals, you’ve probably heard of negative calories, but do you know what they are and how you can benefit from their powers in your diet?

What are Negative Calories?

When we speak of negative calories foods we are referring to those foods that require more calories (energy) to be digested than the amount of calories contained by the food itself. Although there isn’t any scientific data support the negative calories claim yet, the truth remains that your body needs to consume energy when digesting the foods you eat, and there are some foods that provide you with very little calories. Thus, your body will end up consuming more energy digesting them. You can associate negative calories with foods that have very few calories, for example foods such as celery, which is 75% water.

If there is any scientific data support the negative calories claim, why should I keep it in mind when dieting?

Introducing foods with negative calories in your diet, or foods with very few calories is a great helper in your weight loss process. You should see them as foods that will replace your entire meals, but as foods to be consumed as side meals, snacks or for dinner. That way, you will diminish the caloric impact on your diet and you will be able to burn more fat in the process. The key to understanding and utilizing negative calories in your day-to-day diet is to not expect miracles and definitely not expect to lose a whole lot of weight in little to no time just by eating celery or other low in calories foods.

The Role of Negative Calories Food

If you are dieting but results aren’t are great as you want them to be, one solution is turning to negative calories foods, or foods with very few calories. Introducing them in your daily diet will allow your body to get rich nutrients but also burn more energy. Another great thing about these low-calorie foods is that they can have you feeling full but without the ordeals of heavy meals. So you will not feel tired, you will not feel like you have eaten too much or have little to no desire to exercise. The trick is to not starve, but turn to smart foods for keeping you full. And don’t forget about drinking water throughout the day. There is nothing more useful for getting through a diet without hunger than eating nutritious foods and drinking water for tricking your stomach into thinking it has had enough.

Examples of Negative Calories Foods

  • Celery – celery is 75% water and 25% fiber, so your body will get the much needed fiber and burn more calories than it has received; celery is great for dealing with hunger and the urge to snack between meals
  • Grapefruit – much like with the celery, grapefruit is mostly water and a little bit of fibers, thus making it the perfect food for dieting; also, given it delicious taste, it can successfully replace your sweet snacks or added in green smoothies for improving the taste
  • Watermelon – if grapefruit is not your favorite fruit to have while dieting (some people don’t like its bitter taste) than watermelon is definitely the one you should be trying; aside from containing no fat and plenty of water, watermelon is also high in vitamin B
  • Cucumbers – same as the fruits mentioned above, this vegetable is high in water, thus great for diets; use it in salads, eat it raw as a snack or however you like it – just be sure to no add salt to it (nor to other vegetables high in water) as it will send the salt strait to your body and may affect your kidney functions.

Other negative calories foods: broth, asparagus, lean meats, yogurt, leaves, green salads, apples, oranges, chili peppers, tomatoes, arugula, broccoli or coffee.


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