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Cellulite is one of our biggest enemies and one the most troublesome skin issue that affects women of all ages. These are also the reasons for which we would do pretty much anything and would buy any type of creams in order to prevent or eradicate it.

But are these expensive creams truly effectual when it comes to cellulite? If not, are there any successful methods to deal with cellulite? The truth is that most of these creams are only proficient when it comes to preventing cellulite, if used regularly and, most importantly, when you are already doing a lot of other things to help, such as having a healthy lifestyle. So what can we do about existing cellulite?

Measures for Dealing with Cellulite

The first thing you need to know about cellulite is that it will not go away fast, and it will not stay gone unless you change your lifestyle. That means you will need to be more careful about what you eat, drink more tea, exercise more (especially swimming), drink plenty of water throughout the day and have a massage every now and then. And speaking of massages, we will let you in on a little secret. Homemade treatments and creams have proven to be more effective than the ones you buy from a store. Here are some ideas:

Coffee Wrappings

Coffee is not just a morning delight, it can also be an excellent cosmetic treatment, especially if you are trying to get rid of cellulite. In this case, coffee will act as an exfoliate treatment, but also drain your skin of toxins in a much profound level than other creams. In order to make your own anti-cellulite treatment you will need a cup of dry coffee (you can also use the leftovers from your morning coffee) and a little bit of olive oil. Mix the two of them together and use the paste to massage your affected areas with circular movements. After five minutes of massage, cover the area with wrapping foil (you can use the one you use for storing food) and leave it to do its magic for about half an hour, then take a shower. If you want more visible results, you can try to alternate the hot water with cold one while showering, as this is a proven method for putting your skin to work and getting rid of cellulite.

Clay Wrappings

As you well know, clay is a major ingredient in the cosmetic industry, and it is used for a lot of creams, masks and skin treatments. But did you know that clay is also a great treatment for fighting cellulite? Because it is a powerful detoxifying product, it will help your blood flow and tone your skin. You can use it alone or with other beneficial ingredients if you want to increase its powers.

Before applying the clay on the affected areas, it is recommended to exfoliate your skin in order to get rid of dead cells and give it the extra push it needs in order to create new cells. In a bowl, mix 50g of sea weed powder, two spoons of clay, a cup of green tea, a teaspoon of grounded coffee, a teaspoon of salt and eight drops of essential oil (whichever one you want). Spread this paste on your skin once dried from the exfoliation, and wrap yourself with foil. Leave it for about 35-40 minutes and rinse with hot water. As in the case of the coffee and oil treatment, you can increase its results by taking a hot/cold water shower afterwards.

Essential Oil Massages

Essential oils are also excellent little helpers when it comes to fighting cellulite, which is why introducing them as ingredients in your massage treatments is a great idea, but you can also use them alone. You can use olive oil, chili pepper oil, chamomile oil, Argan oil or coconut oil. Massage the affected skin with an oil of your choosing or a mixture of your favorite oil. You can also massage yourself with honey or a mixture of honey and essential oils and don’t forget to wrap yourself for a much more visible result.


Whether you chose oils or homemade creams, you need to keep in mind that fighting cellulite is not a one-day process, you will need to perform your treatments with regularity and also stick to a healthy lifestyle and moderate exercises. And once the cellulite is gone, don’t stop treating your skin as you might find yourself in the same situation again.


What homemade remedy has worked for you? Share your experiences with us on Facebook and Instagram. Don’t forget about your Teatox, as it is an excellent helper when it comes to detoxifying your body and getting rid of the nasty toxins which cause cellulite.

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