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If you ever had a problem with extra weight, you probably have had people talking to you about your metabolism and how things might not be going all that great in that department. Regardless of whether your metabolism is slow, normal or fast, it is highly influenced by your daily activities. Did you know that a person with slow metabolism can lose weight as a person with fast metabolism with a little bit of help from daily activities?

Your metabolism is represented by the amount of chemical and energy transformations that are taking place in your cells. To put it simple, it is responsible for the functions of your body, for your ability to burn calories, and your general state. So if your metabolism is slow, you will lose weight slower and have a bad general state. But what are those negative activities that end up causing your metabolism to malfunction? Let’s find out:

Not Having Enough Sleep

One of the biggest mistakes you can make that will severely influence your metabolism is to think that you don’t need a lot of sleep to fully function. When you are sleeping less than you should, you gain weight even if you don’t eat all that much. In fact, the lack of sleep can bring with it a lot of metabolic problems. You need to sleep at least eight hours per night in order to help your body function at full capacity.

Drinking Too Much Coffee

Numerous studies have shown that drinking one cup of coffee per day can help speed up your metabolism but exaggerating with this drink can in fact have the opposite effect. Why? Because caffeine interacts with your appetite, you might end up eating less than you should during the day and too much in the evenings. If your dinners are rich and plentiful, and your caffeine intake is high, consider reducing it if you want to lose more weight.

Not Eating Organic Products

Unfortunately, most of the food products we buy these days contain a lot of hormones and artificial preservatives. These substances heavily influence the way your body consumes energy and can even end up causing hormonal imbalances. Even though organic products are not that cheap, you need to try and consume them with regularity if you want to protect your body, avoid severe hormone-related diseases and lose weight faster. The easiest way to change the way you think about food is to realize that you only need to buy foods with one ingredient. With a little bit of home cooking, you will still be able to enjoy your favorite meals.

Not Drinking Water in the Morning

The easiest and cheapest way to speed up your metabolism is to drink one glass of water as soon as you wake up in the morning. While you sleep, the functions of your metabolism are slowed down and in the mornings you wake up with little to no liquids in your body. Hydrate yourself before breakfast or coffee and things will be a lot easier when it comes to dieting and losing weight.

For staying hydrated during the day, you can also try one of our Teatox blends as it will not only keep you hydrated but also help with your weight loss process.

Inactivity Throughout the Day

If you sleep more than eight hours per night and speed the day sitting in a chair at the office, our body does not really have time to properly function, thus slowing down your metabolism. Unfortunately, modern times have brought with them a severe problem, since our bodies are not design for so much inactivity. Needless to say, you burn little to no calories like this, which is why you need to make sure that you are as active as your time allows you to be. You can try to stand up and move for a few minutes every hour. This will help boost up your metabolism and burn more calories.

Not Eating Enough

Most people think that starving is the best diet. When you don’t eat as much as your body needs, your organism defends itself by holding in resources and slowing down your metabolism. Make sure to always have a good breakfast and eat at least two times a day.

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