Sometimes overeating or indulging in the wrong type of food can lead to bloating and feeling uncomfortable. If you want a simple and relaxing solution to get your body back to feeling like yourself, then our natural and organic stomach cleansing tea is ideal. At Teatox Australia, our tea can help to reduce bloating while boosting your metabolism and increasing energy levels.

Clean and Natural Tea for Bloating Issues

Our tea is made from natural ingredients including Radish seed, Oolong tea, Hawthorn, Lotus leaf and Cassia seed. These natural and organic products have the benefit of helping to detox your internal organs and cleanse your body of harsh toxins that can enter your system through the air you breathe and consumption of food and drink.

We recommend that you drink our tea, to help with bloating, in the morning and evening. Our tea has a unique formula that means you drink the same blend of ingredients at both times of the day. We believe it is unnecessary to experiment with different combinations of tea when we know we have one that works, tastes great and is affordable.

You can be assured that when you drink our teatox tea for bloating that it will taste delicious due to the addition of dried apple and pineapple. This gives the tea a fresh, tropical, and fruity taste. Our tea is also free of gluten, caffeine, nuts and dairy, making it suitable for a wide range of people with dietary restrictions.

Reliable Customer Service

We offer fast and friendly customer service, and all of our online orders are shipped within 24 hours, meaning that you can start your detox as soon as possible. Our high-quality product is delivered for free in Australia, or you can have it expressly shipped for a small charge. We will also deliver anywhere in the world and with our competitive prices this product is hard to ignore.

Our Teatox product comes in several quantity options. You can choose from a 14- or a 28-day detox with each package containing enough tea bags for two drinks each day. Alternatively, you can opt for 6 Flower Bombs, one of which can make 3-5 cups of tea. This is a worthwhile option if you want to teatox with family and friends or simply want to see why everyone is raving about it. Divide the cost between a few people, and this is a very economical option.

Our competitive prices and free shipping, plus the added health benefits of our Teatox tea, mean that you are getting a product that is reliable within a quick period. Whether you are after a tea for bloating, increasing your energy, detoxing, or a tea for water retention you can be confident that the natural and organic ingredients will help your body work towards this. Contact us today to get your order in, and we will ship our neatly packaged product right to your doorstep. Our online ordering system makes it easy to select what you want, and you can pay with either credit card, PayPal or afterpay.


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