Sometimes after a busy day, the last thing you want to be doing is spending hours working out at the gym. Our products are ideal for supplementing your exercise so on those long days you can have a relaxing Oolong tea to help with fat burning. At Teatox Australia, our products are made from natural ingredients, and the Oolong tea can also help you with weight loss. This high-quality product works as an appetite suppressant and is a reliable, clean, and natural product.

This Oolong tea which helps towards weight loss is also gluten-, dairy- and nut-free as well as having no caffeine to accommodate all dietary requirements and will not keep you up late after your evening cup. You will also find added benefits in which it can boost your metabolism, raise energy levels, and reduce stomach bloating. If you feel yourself getting sluggish, our 14- and 28-day detox packs are ideal for cleansing your body of harsh toxins and detoxing your internal organs.

We like to keep our product simple and go with what we know works, therefore, we use the same unique formula for both morning and night time drinks. You’ll find the taste delicious thanks to the addition of dried apple and pineapple, which gives the tea a fresh, tropical, fruity flavour. Contact us to order your detox tea and get your fat burning started today. We ship within 24 hours and offer free delivery in Australia.


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