If you’ve been dieting for long enough, you’ve probably heard about natural weight loss teas. Teas with ingredients such as lotus flower and oolong are said to deliver numerous benefits for detox and fat burning. Herbal tea can often speed up the metabolism, tweak the way your body absorbs fat, suppress your appetite and make it easier to burn fat through exercise or traditional dieting. If you are looking for a proven natural detox tea, look no further than Teatox Australia.

Our Natural Fat Burning Tea

At Teatox Australia, we don’t rely on just one herbal ingredient to deliver metabolic benefits. Instead, we have worked carefully to devise a smart, scientifically formulated herbal tea that can provide numerous benefits simultaneously. Indeed, our tea uses five ingredients: lotus leaf, radish seed, oolong tea, hawthorn and cassia seed. Collectively, these ingredients are more than the sum of their parts. Our scientific formulation was based on a practice called ‘food synergy,’ which essentially means that the different ingredients complement each other and improve one another’s potency. Combining these ingredients, in other words, makes them more powerful than they are alone.

The result is what we would call the ultimate natural weight loss tea. Drinking two cups of Teatox every day will speed up your metabolism, boost your energy levels, cleanse the body of harsh toxins, detox your organs, minimise stomach bloating, enhance your skin complexion and even suppress your appetite. Indeed, if you tend to stumble in your diet thanks to cravings between meals, our tea will help you eat less and lose weight more quickly.

Best of all, our natural fat burning tea is indeed all natural. The five herbal ingredients mentioned above are the only ingredients in our tea. We don’t add any unhealthy chemicals or preservatives to improve shelf life, nor do we sneak in laxatives or anything of that nature to aid in weight loss. Our tea doesn’t even have caffeine, and it’s also 100 percent gluten-free. No matter your dietary restrictions, you can use and enjoy Teatox—one of the factors that makes it perfect as an aid for diets and weight loss.

Do note that Teatox is not a meal replacement. It’s an effective tool for weight loss and fat burning, but it’s also still just tea! You still need to eat your regular meals as well. However, as mentioned previously, Teatox may take the edge off your appetite, which can help you avoid overeating or snacking throughout the day.

Try Teatox Today

Since 2013, Teatox Australia has been providing customers with an effective natural detox tea. We pride ourselves on an extremely high quality product, on competitive pricing, on the attractive packaging of our products and superb customer service. Most customers who try our tea once purchase it again, and we believe you will too. So why not give us a try today? Don’t hesitate to contact us directly if you have any questions.


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