Losing weight isn’t always as easy as exercising regularly and adhering to a healthy diet. For instance, you might start out trying to keep to a modest diet, only to find yourself battling an unsated appetite and frequent food cravings throughout the day. Alternatively, you could discover that your new diet is resulting in low energy levels, because you just aren’t getting enough fuel. How can you adhere to a diet and meet your weight loss goals without feeling hungry, low energy and just generally uncomfortable all the time? Lotus leaf tea might be the answer.

What Is Lotus Flower Tea?

Lotus flower tea, or lotus leaf tea, has been used for years for everything from digestion to circulation. It is rich in an amino acid called taurine, which helps the body burn fat. Taurine slows the speed with which your body absorbs fat. As a result, when consuming taurine, it’s easier to burn fat naturally through diet or exercise. For this reason, many people use lotus leaf tea for weight loss.

Lotus tea also contains L-carnitine, another amino acid. L-carnitine is said to help control metabolism by accessing existing fat cells as energy sources, instead of just relying on new energy from food. This amino acid is prevalent in meats and dairy products but is harder to come by for vegetarians or vegans. As such, lotus herbal tea is especially popular among those looking to trim meat or dairy from their diets.

What to Expect from Teatox and Our Lotus Herbal Tea

At Teatox Australia, we can help you find lotus herbal tea for weight loss. Our herbal tea doesn’t just include lotus leaf but also incorporates four other ingredients: radish seed, oolong tea, hawthorn and cassia seed. These ingredients deliver their own benefits, making for a more well-rounded dietary tea option. Teatox products can help boost metabolism, detox your internal organs, reduce stomach bloating and even improve skin complexion.

The product isn’t magic. It won’t make weight disappear for no reason, and you will still want to eat healthily and exercise for best results. What Teatox will do is suppress your appetite and fight cravings naturally. If your diet tends to make you feel hungry an hour or two after you eat a meal, then Teatox is the perfect remedy. It will help you make it to the next meal without breaking down and having a snack, which will in turn help deliver weight loss benefits.

Note that Teatox does not achieve weight loss through the use of laxatives. Our tea also has no caffeine, though it may still help raise your energy levels through natural means. Simply put, Teatox is a safe and natural way to complement your diet and hopefully take your weight loss goals to the next level. If you need proof that our tea works, why not browse our customer reviews and see how many of our clients continue to repurchase.

Do you want to learn more about our Lotus tea? Get in touch with Teatox Australia today.


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