Life transitions are difficult periods where stress is elevated and time is limited. When the transition includes a significant schedule or activity change, we all have trouble recalibrating our healthy habits. It’s easy for diet and exercise to fall off track, but once off track, it can seem impossible to get going again. A few days turns to weeks, weeks to months, and suddenly you’re moody, tired and uncomfortable in your favourite clothes.

As we age, this downward spiral is accelerated. Rather than turn to dangerous wonder drugs promising miraculous results, a healthy fat burning tea provides just enough fuel to satiate those pesky cravings and jumpstart your active lifestyle once again. See why your neighbours have turned to Teatox Australia to support them during lifestyle overhauls.

Get Boosted Back on Track with Healthy Tea for Weight Loss

Teatox Australia is the original tea+detox supplement. In five short years we’ve expanded our client base to serve an international market in over 40 countries. We make reaching your fitness goals attainable through a healthy detox tea that is a research-based organic blend including oolong tea, cassia seed, radish seed and lotus leaf. These natural ingredients have been identified as effective supplements to weight loss goals. An earthy and unpalatable flavour profile on their own, we’ve added dried apple and pineapple for sweetness.

Healthy teatoxes support and are supported by reasonable dietary changes and regular physical activity. Change will not happen overnight, you’ve got to make it happen. We make it easier for you to be energetic, feeling great and moving forward. Additional benefits of Teatox Australia’s top-rated product are increased metabolism, appetite suppression and bloating reduction. As your body expels its toxin reserve, you’re sure to notice a clearer, brighter complexion.

Our healthy detox tea is divided into individually bagged servings and is available in 14- and 28-day challenge packages. Flower Bombs are a fun alternative product that is enjoyed at will in addition to the challenge packages. Hard-packed loose tea encases a beautiful flower. Once submerged in warm water, the ball breaks apart revealing a floating floral surprise.

Getting active is one thing, revamping your diet is entirely different. As we eat low-nutrient high-sugar content foods, our body starts to crave them. Breaking the cravings is the hardest part – especially when you’re not sure what you should be eating. Eliminating the anxiety of starting fresh, we’ve added a complimentary meal plan with each Teatox Australia product. This helps you get a sense of proper portion size, ideal food combinations and maintaining variety without eating over-processed food-junk.

Trust the Originals, Trust Teatox Australia

We’re a company passionate about supporting healthy lifestyle goals around the world. We’re known for our exceptional customer service and response times, striving to answer all enquiries within the working day. With us there are no gimmicks, hidden fees or lucrative up-sells designed to nickel and dime you along your weight loss journey.

We ship orders within 24-hours, so contact us immediately should you notice an error. All shipping is free; Australians can expect their healthy detox tea in 3-7 working days while international orders require 12-days lead time. Sign up for special offers, prizes and discounts. We accept all traditional forms of payment and interest-free afterpay. Please call or message with any questions about our products or shipping as dispatched orders are non-refundable.


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