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Teatox Australia’s Herbal Tea with Hawthorn Helps with Weight Loss

One of the key ingredients in Teatox Australia’s herbal tea is hawthorn. Hawthorn has been in use for centuries in folk remedies and medicine alike. In addition to its medicinal purposes, it is regarded in folklore as a symbol of courage, health and power.

Hawthorn is a thorny bush related to the rose plant. It abounds in white flowers during the spring, which is why it’s also called a Mayflower, and in autumn the bushes are covered in tiny red edible fruits called ‘haws’. Although the leaves and flowers are edible, hawthorn tea is made from the berry-like fruits of the bush.

The Health Benefits of Hawthorn Tea

Today, clinical studies back up our knowledge by showing how the ingredients in hawthorn work to provide many benefits within the body for our health.

Hawthorn is a great natural remedy against anxiety. Ingredients in hawthorn lessen the resistance of blood flow in your body, thus lowering blood pressure and tension. When you enjoy a soothing cup of Teatox hawthorn tea, you will feel calmness washing over you.

Hawthorn contains amino acids, essential oils, essential fatty acids, pectin, rutin, tannins and quercetin, many of which are anti-oxidants that dilate and smooth the heart muscles and blood vessels, thus improving cardiac health. It may aid in the healing of heart conditions such as angina, atherosclerosis, congestive heart failure and hypertension and studies have shown that hawthorn tea strengthens heart contractions. Improved blood circulation and a strong heart can help you to lose weight naturally by supplying oxygen to your body at the cellular level and carrying away toxins.

When you consume hawthorn tea for weight loss, you can be assured that it’s an excellent source of vitamin C, as well as other vitamins such as niacin, riboflavin and thiamine, and essential minerals including iron, manganese, chromium, and zinc. Not only are these ingredients beneficial to help speed up your metabolism, but hawthorn tea is also a tasty and convenient way to add essential vitamins and minerals to your diet when you are following a weight-loss program.

Why is Hawthorn Tea Blended with Other Ingredients in Teatox Tea?

The taste of hawthorn berries is often described as tart, sweetish and mealy. Although by no means unpleasant, it’s not palatable to everyone. Teatox herbal tea is formulated by combining Radish Seed, Oolong Tea, Hawthorn, Lotus Leaf and Cassia Seed. It also contains small traces of apple and pineapple to add a tropical fruity taste. Weight loss doesn’t mean that you need to drink down a bitter concoction; you will love the pleasant aroma and mild flavour of Teatox tea.

Teatox Australia Blends Herbs for Health with Fantastic Value and Service

When looking for hawthorn tea in Australia, you need look no further than Teatox. The unique blend of herbs in our tea bring you all the health benefits of Hawthorn combined with great taste. Teatox tea is offered in convenient 14-day and 28-day packs, and you will also find Flower Bombs in our shop. We ship to all countries and shipping is free. Do you have a question about Teatox herbal tea with hawthorn? Consult the FAQ section, or contact us for a speedy response.