Holidays are our chance to kick back and unwind. We splurge on shopping, activities, food and drink. Upon return, rich items previously reserved for special occasions sneak back into our regular diets. Before long we’re feeling run down, lethargic, grumpy and bloated. When we ignore our body’s signals, they only get worse.

Occasionally, it’s beneficial to cleanse built up toxins and free radicals from our bodies. Rather than harsh supplements that cause cramping and can increase bloating, try an organic detoxification tea. Tea cleanses are a blend of natural ingredients that have been studied and identified as having detoxifying properties. Teatox Australia is an industry leader in detox tea.

All-Natural Detox Tea from Australia Resets your Body Systems

Teatox Australia is a proprietary blend of cassia seed, radish seed, oolong tea and lotus leaf. These ingredients have targeted cleansing and weight loss properties and have been used for centuries. Rather than artificial sweeteners or refined sugars, we’ve added dried pineapple and apple to lightly sweeten our blend. The result is an irresistible beverage that works to flush the excess out of your system.

Our detoxification tea comes in 14 and 28-day programmes where you enjoy a cup made with a pre-packaged teabag twice a day. The bag harnesses the ingredients and makes it easier to bring your detox tea wherever the day takes you. The tea is so delicious we’ve added Flower Bombs to our product offerings, which can be enjoyed at your leisure. These packed tea balls open and reveal a stunning flower inside. Watch it float as you enjoy your warm and balancing cup.

Only the Best from Teatox Australia

We are an established and well-reviewed Australian business with a long-standing reputation for product excellence and community engagement. Helping the world be a safer and healthier place for the next generation is a mission for which we care greatly. We’re i=Change affiliates and donate $1 of each detox tea purchase to a selection of humanities projects. Choose to help keep girls in school, educate rescued kids or end child marriages. Alternatively, you can let us select on your behalf.

What we do is right in the name; tea + detox = Teatox. We set out to provide detox tea to Australia and have expanded our reach to over 40 countries around the globe. Our customers love us for our exceptional response time and responsiveness to feedback. Through popular demand we’ve added free shipping and a complimentary meal plan to all Teatox orders and have slashed our prices so that all motivated individuals can enjoy our tasty detoxification beverage.

Your payment information is secure on our platform and we do accept afterpay. We ship internationally, boasting only a 13-day lead time, while domestic shipments are sent using Australian Post and arrive within seven working days. Rush delivery options are available at cost with arrivals expected within three days. Become a member and get discounts, leads on specials and chances to win prizes.

Please reach out with any questions regarding our product or the ordering process, then order with care. Errors must be addressed immediately as we ship within 24-hours and cannot issue refunds or make changes to delivery instructions after dispatch.


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