Many people seem to think that Teatox is a weight loss tea, no more, no less. In truth, Teatox was initially intended as a daily cleansing tea to rid your body of harmful substances. The weight loss which many of our customers experience, is just a pleasant side effect. Otherwise, Teatox has no side effects at all.

Your body comes equipped with a few cleansers of its own such as the liver and the kidneys. As long as you're young and healthy, this duo does a terrific job at keeping you safe against colds and the flu. Sometimes, nonetheless, germs do slip past your natural defences. Two cups of Teatox a day fortify your barriers against outside influences, reducing your chances of getting sick.

Does this mean you should only drink Teatox when you suspect you'll soon get a cold or catch the flu? Since it's nearly impossible to predict this, even if an epidemic is announced, we suggest you regularly detox, and in these periods, drink Teatox cleansing tea twice a day. This has more benefits than "only" keeping you healthy.

The five Teatox cleansing tea ingredients - their separate and combined benefits

Hawthorn, oolong tea, radish seeds, cassia seeds and lotus leaf are the five ingredients of Teatox cleansing tea. They all have their separate benefits. Hawthorn, the fruit of the hawthorn shrubs and trees, for example, helps your digestion and is used as a cardiovascular health booster. It contains plenty of B-vitamins, including folic acid, and vitamin C. Further, it contains minerals and organic compounds. Hawthorn is used against chest pain, to improve heart health, to regulate blood pressure and to boost the immune system. It's good for your eyes and skin. Finally, it increases your stamina and boosts your energy.

Now, consider the saying that one and one sometimes make more than two. Extend this wisdom to the five ingredients of Teatox. Each has their own set of benefits, but the five combined have an even more profound influence on your health and wellbeing.

This unexpected extra may be the secret behind your weight loss

Some of the effects of the remaining four ingredients are: boosting your metabolism, controlling diabetes, regulating blood sugars, and protecting liver health. These can all influence your weight. Add to this the slightly laxative effect of tea, and you'll understand how you're vastly improving your chances of success when on a diet. Any diet? Some of our customers report weight loss while they're on a low calorie or low carb diet, while others do better on Fast 5 or the Zone diet. If you've been successful so far with your preferred way of eating, then stick to it, but allow Teatox to help you as a potent detox tea and appetite suppressant.

For more information about detoxing or dieting combined with Teatox, contact us. Are you in a constant battle against cravings or are you stuck on a plateau? We're happy to help.

Also, keep an eye on your calendar. Whether you usually detox in Spring, Summer, Fall or all three seasons, buy your tea cleanse in Australia on time. You'll find Teatox cleansing tea with weight loss properties in our online shop in a package for 14 or 28 days.


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