If you have been a bit wary of using a detox tea for fear that an evening cup would keep you awake at night, then put your fear aside and try our caffeine free tea used for detox. At Teatox Australia, our tea is made with natural and organic ingredients that you can trust.

Detox Tea without a Laxative Effect

Our unique blend of natural ingredients including Radish seed, Oolong tea, Hawthorn and Lotus leaf means that you can have a detox tea that is gentle on your stomach and body. You can confidently have a gluten free detox cleanse without the worry of upsetting your dietary requirements as our tea is not only gluten free but also free of nuts, dairy and caffeine. You can trust that you can use our detox tea without having a laxative effect while it cleanses harsh toxins from your body.

You can get our laxative-free teatox product in two quantities. If you want a quick two-week detox, we have enough tea bags packaged into our 14-day detox pack, so you can have a drink at our recommended times. For best results, we suggest having a drink of our tea in the morning and night, which is also possible with our 28-day detox package. The same formula of ingredients is used for both cups because we believe if something works then why try to complicate it with different blends.

For those who want to detox with family and friends, you can choose to get our Flower Bombs which is an economical option when dividing the cost. Each flower bomb makes between 3-5 cups of tea and is also an ideal option for those who want to try the detox tea for the first time. The same blend of organic ingredients is used in each flower bomb as in the tea bags. We also offer a Kickstarter and Complete Health pack in which you get teabags and flower bombs at competitive prices.

Each cup of tea will taste delicious with the addition of dried apple and fruit so with each mouthful you will be getting a fresh, tropical, and fruity flavour. The tea also works as an appetite suppressant, so you will find it helps to work as a caffeine free weight loss tea.

Additional Benefits of Teatox

This clean and natural tea can work to detox internal organs leaving your body feeling better while also increasing your energy levels. Our detox tea also works to boost metabolism, burn fat, and improve your skin complexion due to the way we formulate the ingredients. The ingredients are specially sourced and selected for their unique properties and as a result are more potent working together than own their own.

With our affordable prices and free shipping in Australia, there’s no better time to start. Simply contact us or follow our easy to order steps online. Alternatively, if you are anywhere else in the world, you can still get your hands on our reliable, high-quality product with our international delivery option.


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