One cause of weight gain can be due to toxins building up in your body. Toxins can enter your body through the air you breathe, or the food and water you consume. This can lead to weight gain, bloating, low energy, constipation, fatigue and upsetting the balance of your overall health. At Teatox Australia, our high-quality 28-day teatox helps to cleanse your body of these harsh toxins.

28 Day Teatox that Makes you Feel Better

Our products are conveniently packed into a 28-day slimming tea pack to provide you with the required amount for a cup in the morning and at night. This is a tea that helps you to lose weight as a result of the natural and organic ingredients it contains. Our blend of ingredients including Radish seed, Oolong tea, Hawthorn, Lotus leaf and Cassia seed are selected for their unique properties and work more potently together than individually.

You can confidently drink our Teatox tea without any worry of side effects as the tea is gluten-, dairy-, nut- and caffeine-free so you won’t be wide awake after your evening cup. The tea helps to detox your internal organs and reduce stomach bloating while still being laxative-free. It has also been shown to have other added benefits, such as improvement in your skin complexion, raised energy levels and boosting your metabolism helping you to feel better.

The tea has a delicious taste with pieces of dried apple and pineapple added to give it a fresh, tropical and fruity flavour. This makes it pleasant on the palate without overshadowing the rest of the ingredients that are working together as an appetite suppressant.

Complete Health Pack

If you want to see additional results, we have a Complete Health Pack which includes the 28-day detox pack as well as our Flower bombs. Each flower bomb makes 3-5 cups of tea and is an ideal choice for sharing with family and friends. Alternatively, you can use them at other times during the day alongside your morning and evening cups of tea.

The flower bombs have the same blend of ingredients as our other products, yet you get a joyful experience as you watch your flower bomb blossom into a beautiful flower in minutes. Our competitive prices make for an affordable way to detox either alone or with friends.

We also offer free shipping in Australia and orders are shipped within 24 hours. Our high-quality product comes neatly packaged in pouches that keep the tea fresh while it is being delivered to you and throughout your detox. If you are keen to get started as soon as possible, then for a small charge, we will express ship your tea straight to your door. For those who want international delivery, you can still get your hands on a Teatox deal with our bargain prices and international shipping.

If you are looking for a tea that makes you lose weight while giving you added health benefits, then contact us today or order our detox tea online with our easy to use ordering system.


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