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Boosting your brain function sometimes can take more than the obvious suggestions such as adopting a healthy diet and exercise program or quit drinking and smoking. Even though we should follow these basic guidelines first, there are some alternative and supplemental ways to boost your cognitive function and that includes consuming certain herbs regularly either in tincture, pill, or plain tea form.

The following have been found according to various studies worldwide to enhance cognitive function, among other benefits.

No 1: Green tea.

Green tea is one of the most popular teas globally and many fitness and nutrition experts recommend it, mainly for its weight-loss and antioxidant benefits. However, due to the catechins it contains, it can also help boost immunity and protect the brain from the accelerated damaging effects of aging, as supported by many studies. Some have also found that green tea can also boost concentration and lessen the impact of stress and anxiety on our bodies. Just one cup every day is enough for reaping its health benefits as too much of it contains caffeine which can lead to minor side-effects.

No 2: Oolong tea.

Oolong tea may be the lesser known herb in the list but it has been used broadly by Chinese and other Asian civilizations due to its numerous health benefits which include enhancing memory and concentration. A previous study examining the effects of oolong tea consumption and risk of developing cognitive disorders has found that the more oolong and green tea people drunk through the study, the lower the risk of developing cognitive disorders. This can be attributed to the fact that oolong tea is a naturally fermented tea with healthy bacteria and antioxidants that also protect from physical and cognitive impairment. Oolong tea is also a key ingredient in our formulas so you can get weight loss, detox, and cognitive health all at once.



No 3: Gotu Kola.

Gotu Kola (or Centella Asiatica) is a traditional herb used in Ayurveda and other ancient medicine systems e.g Chinese medicine, to treat a wide range of disorders that have bothered humanity for ages: wounds, inflammation, urinary tract infections, shingles, and common cold. Gotu Kola has also been found to help with cognitive and nervous system disorders like depression, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and age-related mental decline. One benefit of Gotu Kola unlike other herbal teas that also help boost cognitive function, is that it’s naturally caffeine-free so no need to worry about any of the side effects that come with it.

No 4: Rosemary.

This fragrant and popular herb that we utilize in our cooking mostly, has some brain-boosting properties as well. This is a notion that has been kept for centuries in traditional folklore, but recent studies have backed this up as well. In fact, just sniffing pure rosemary or its oil has been found to enhance memory and make you easily remember things that are around you. So if you don’t like the taste much, you can sniff it only and you’ll get the same benefit.

No 5: Ginkgo Biloba.

Another popular herb in Asia and the Western world that is also featured in the vast majority of brain supplements for a good reason--it’s very potent in enhancing memory and brain function. Ginkgo Biloba contains extracts like Egb 761 and other powerful antioxidants that protect from brain degeneration due to ageing and environmental pollution. It also encourages blood flow to the brain, which makes it more alert and think faster. The only drawback of Ginkgo Biloba is that it can lead to over-stimulation and can mimic the action of caffeine when taken in excess. But if you only take it as a supplement within the suggested guidelines, you have nothing to worry about...



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