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As most modern diets nowadays call for calorie restriction and this can be a bit of challenge, there are actually some easy ways and tricks you can adopt in your diet that will cut down your calorie intake by at least 100 calories every day. We at Teatox Australia present you with a list so you can start trimming down your calories much easier than you thought! 

Drink only water or herbal drinks with no added sugar. As liquids make a great part of our diets, it is important to only drink no-calorie or low-calorie drinks that will keep you hydrated throughout the day minus the calories. Water, for example, contains no calories and one cup of herbal tea alone contains only 3 calories. If you don’t like the taste of plain water or tea, you can add a couple of fruit slices of your choice or even a tsp of agave syrup or stevia to add some sweetness. In any case, high sugary drinks should be on your NO list as they are unhealthy and contain more than 100 calories per serving.

Skip heavy sauces for spices and light dressings. One of the top calorie bombs that we’ll have to avoid is heavy sauces like mayo, white milk sauces, cheese, and anything that is high in fat. If you add flavour to your dishes without adding any calories, go for spices, herbs and lemon juice. You can even marinate your meat and veggies to boost up its flavour for hours. Also, if you are prepping snacks and salads, go for low-calorie options like citrus fruits e.g lemon, and vegetable oils e.g coconut or olive oil or vinegar.

Eat on smaller plates. Sometimes we have to trick our eyes and brains into consuming smaller portions to trim down our daily calorie intake. One smart way to do this is to eat in smaller plates than you normally do. If the plate is smaller, you can only fill it up according to its size and you’ll instantly eat in smaller portions without having to count every calorie you take. Of course, you don’t want to pile it up - just fill it 80% to get some decent amount of food without going overboard.

Trim off excess fat and skin from meats. Although fats are controversial when it comes to health matters, there is one thing that all experts agree on - they are high in calories. This is the reason why 90% of fitness gurus suggest you only take lean meats. Skin and fat from the sides should be ideally removed with a knife before cooking it and you should also cook it on the grill or steam so the excess fat drips off underneath. Don’t forget to buy meats that are at least 80% lean and tell your butcher to trim off excess fat for you so it’s easier to cook it.

Skip the carbs when going out to eat. Carbs are even worse than animal fats when it comes to calories. In fact, a small serving (100 grams) of french fries contains a whopping 312 calories--not good at all. Rice which is also a carb, contains fewer calories but these are empty calories mostly and nothing else. So instead of consuming potatoes and white rice or white breads, opt for healthier low-calorie carbs like sweet potatoes and quinoa. If the restaurant doesn't offer these options, skip them entirely for a simple zesty salad and lean meat meal instead.

Tried any of these tricks? What works best for you? Tell us in the comments down below! 

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