Keeping your weight at a normal and healthy range is something that requires plenty of effort and determination, especially as you are getting older. Your metabolism needs a few extra boosts such as a healthy diet followed at the right time and some lifestyle changes.

If you think that morning rituals (other than breakfast), don’t have any impact on your weight loss journey--think again! There are several credible studies that have found a definite link between certain morning habits and rituals and weight loss. Here they are:

No. 1: Opening curtains and windows so natural sunlight can come through. Letting natural sunlight to enter your room isn’t just a mere trick to help you wake-up. Researchers of the NorthWestern University have found that the people who do this every morning have a lower Body Mass Index compared to the ones that are exposed to light later throughout the day. The most possible explanation behind this link is that being exposed to light right after you wake up regulates your body rhythms and your metabolism as well, regardless of how many hours you’ve slept or what you've eaten the night before. 

No. 2: Drinking your morning juice, coffee, tea or smoothie in a tall slim glass or cup. You may think that drinking from a short and wide glass equals to less and fewer calories but some diet experts have found that the opposite is actually true. When you are drinking from a tall yet narrow glass, you are tricked to believe that you are drinking more and you are less likely to refill your glass and add to the calories of the drink (if any). On the contrary, by drinking from a short and wide glass, you are actually consuming up to 30% more product and more calories as a result. This may sound like a really minor detail, but it can yield up to 30% fewer calories.

No. 3: Incorporating some protein into your breakfast. Fruits, smoothies, and pancakes may be delicious and healthy (if there is no added sugar) but if you don’t take sufficient amounts of protein with your breakfast, you will be more likely to eat more during lunchtime--protein will not only give you long-lasting energy, it will make you feel full for longer, especially if you pair it up with a good source of fiber. Some great high protein and high fiber ideas that contain a balanced amount of calories are: hardboiled eggs and 2 avocado slices on a wholewheat toast, 3 tbsp of greek yogurt, 1 tsp of crushed almonds and a drizzle of honey, and a 2 egg white/1 whole egg omelet with spinach and turkey sausage.

Have you tried any of these morning tricks? Do you think they help? Tell us in the comments down below...

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