The importance of following a healthy and balanced diet is a topic emphasized again and again by doctors and nutritionists alike--yet, many of us, in a quest for the “perfect” bodyline, commit the mistake of following a diet that’s not beneficial for our health in the long run. We easily get swayed by late social media trends and “celebrity” diets and confuse popularity with efficiency but the question is: are all these popular diets good for us? the answer is NO.

Many of these popular diets lack nutritional value and switch our bodies in a starvation mode, if followed for long periods of time, causing other health problems as a result. If you experience any of these signs or symptoms, then you definitely need to change your diet:

No.1: Your diet eliminates entire food groups. The majority of calorie-restricted diets nowadays calls for the elimination of certain food groups e.g red meat, legumes, fats or carbs. In reality, our systems need different nutrients from different food groups and if we eliminate any of these in our diets, we risk being depleted of vital minerals. Even fats and carbs in moderate amounts are necessary for our system to function and so, avoiding them won’t do any good to our bodies.

No.2: You feel hungry all the time. In most cases, your body needs a few days to adjust to a new diet. However, if you still feel hungry all the time, this means that your diet is poor in calories and nutrients and your body literally urges you to eat more. The consumption of so-called “empty” calories like sodas, cakes, desserts, and junk food can also make you feel hungry all the time. What you should do instead is to take healthy and nutrient-rich foods that can keep your full for longer e.g avocadoes, quinoa, bananas, etc.

No.3: You feel tired and in a bad mood. You may think that your energy and mood levels have nothing to do with your diet but there is a definite link here between the two. Our bodies and our brains derive energy from certain macro and micronutrients and if there is a shortage of these in our diet, our energy levels will suffer and we feel drained and in a bad mood. If you notice that you get tired or anxious even after a couple of hours of eating a meal, this means that you should definitely pay attention and switch to foods and drinks that are more nutritious and energy-boosting-- herbal teas, smoothies, veggie sticks, hard-boiled eggs, legumes, seeds, nuts etc.

In addition to the above, if you also feel bloated frequently or you experience any other stomach or digestion issues, perhaps certain foods or the frequency that you're eating are to blame. Consult a clinical nutritionist or a doctor to find out which are the causes of this problem.

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