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Everybody wants a great looking figure with minimal effort - in fact, if we could magically transform ourselves with a magic wand, then we’d all be doing it, but the harsh reality is that it takes a lot of time and effort to see substantial results in our figure. Hours, days and months of sweat, dieting and hard work in order to become a healthy, fitter and better version of ourselves. If you want to keep up with your new diet and exercise regime, but find it hard to stay motivated, here at Teatox Australia we have prepared for you a list of what you should do to regain back your lost energy and motivation: 

Write a precise list with your goals. Many times, lack of motivation denotes a lack of specific goals. If you haven’t come up with a specific plan or goals coming with it, then how do you expect to follow through? Simply having the general intention to lose more weight or become more fit isn’t enough. You must note your goals exactly, e.g. loose 5 kilograms by January, tone my arms and legs, eat healthier and cutting down on junk food by 50%. Write these down so you remember what your true goals and purposes are. Don’t forget to add deadlines or milestones and break your goals into smaller more specific goals - this way, you know exactly what you are doing.  

Use positive affirmations. The power of positive affirmations has been proven to be very effective in keeping people positive and motivated when following a diet and exercise regime. You may think these are childish or useless, but if you make it a habit and use positive/motivating affirmations on a regular basis, they will bypass your conscious mind and enter your subconscious and dramatically alter your mood and motivation levels for the better. Here are some good affirmations to repeat every day: -I become more healthy and fit day by day, I find it easy to achieve my fitness goals, I find healthy food tasty, I love how I look and feel more every day, My body knows how to adjust to healthy lifestyle changes, etc.

Join groups of support online or offline. Sometimes, we need some external means of support besides ourselves to keep going and stay motivated throughout our fitness and diet programs. Sure, supporting yourself comes first, but having an external circle of support can really make a difference. Tell your friends and family to support and keep reminding you of your goals and join an online support group with people that go through a similar program. This will let you also exchange valuable tips and experiences with others and you’ll be able to share and track each other's progress via posts and pictures. It’s really worth your time.

Track your progress in a blog. Just like noting down your diet and exercise plan, it would be wise to also note down your progress in a blog. You can go the traditional way and use a sketchbook for that or set-up an online blog - fitness tracking apps are also a good option if you are tech-savvy. Make sure you note down the progress week by week or month to month and write all the positive changes you’ve made as well as any delays or areas you need more improvement. Knowing exactly where you are will help motivate you for making even more progress until you reach your ultimate goals.  

What makes you personally motivated to achieve your fitness goals? Let us know in the comments down below.

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