So you’ve decided to start sweating on your gym panties, follow the latest trend diet or workout regime or just get yourself moving,  but your interest has already started to wane off? This is actually pretty common. As a matter of fact, it takes real commitment, effort and motivation to stick to a workout routine for long and most people feel like giving up at some point--well,  unless they find some ways to make their workout routines (a tad) more interesting. Here some tips from expert fitness gurus to make your workout suck less...

Switch between different exercises and methods. A very common mistake rookies do is focusing only on a couple of exercises and exercising methods in general, which not only slows down any fitness progress, it makes them feel bored faster too. If all you do is butt squats and weight lifts, try joking and running or try an entirely different workout system like pilates, dancing, or yoga. The more you experiment with different workouts, the less likely you will get bored.

Build an atmosphere. Whether you are working out at the gym or at home, it is important to not only make yourself feel comfortable but inspired by your surroundings too. Some fitness gurus, for example,  swear by burning sage or lavender (or any other herb that makes them feel at ease) to reignite their senses and generate a positive atmosphere that helps them focus and calm down. Others fill their space with posters of their favorite fitness role models or celebs whose body/fitness goals they want to achieve. It doesn't matter what your choices are, as long as they make you feel rejuvenated and motivated when working out.

Play a different music playlist for every workout session. Listening to music tracks while working out is something that most do, but, if you really want to keep things more interesting, you have to change your playlist often. When we listen to the same playlist 3 times in a row, there is this predictability aspect that fuels our boredom faster than we can realize it. By creating a new playlist for every 1-2 workout sessions, you won't know what's coming up next and you won't likely get bored as fast as listening to the same playlist multiple times in a row.

Plan ahead. Nothing kills your motivation workout faster than failing to plan ahead your next workout session. Of course, a bit of unpredictability and impulse are fine, but if you wish to really make a commitment and keep yourself going,  you’ll have to make some plans ahead. Note down, in particular, all you next workout exercises in an order that fits you e.g doing a hard exercise first then alternate between easier ones. A nice varied plan of exercises is always a great kickstarter when working out.

Treat yourself--in a healthy way. Remember that time back when we were kids that our parents used to treat us with candies and stuff for doing something good e.g acing the math test? Well, as adults need treats and spoiling as well, but in healthier ways. You could, for example, munch on that dark chocolate with berries, have a cup of relaxing tea, or even get a massage or pedicure. As long as it doesn't clash with your health and fitness goals, this is a great way to boost your mood and motivation after working out.

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