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An astonishing number of new cancer incidents has been emerging worldwide according to World Cancer Research Fund and it is estimated that in the upcoming year, cancer will be one of the top 3 leading causes of death worldwide.

Since cancer is still very difficult to treat, experts agree that the key to treating cancer is preventing it from occurring in the first place. We have the power to prevent and stop cancer before it spreads, through some lifestyle and diet changes that will arm our systems with the right nutrients they need to fight off potentially cancerous cells. The following nutrients and foods have been proven to have powerful cancer-preventive properties:

Antioxidant vitamins. Antioxidants like vitamin A, C, E, K and lycopene are able to counteract any damage to the system cells caused by free radicals, which are linked to aging and cancer when out of control. Antioxidants, in particular, support the oxygenation of the cells and the removal of free radical waste from the liver and other body systems. Thus, in order to prevent any damage to your skin cells that could lead to cancer, you should aim to consume ideally 5-6 portions of antioxidant-rich foods like: dark leafy greens, carrots, cruciferous veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, garden cress, cabbage), all kinds of berries and especially goji berries, cocoa/dark chocolate, alfalfa sprouts, beetroots, and seeds. And if calories and sugars are an issue for you, you can also drink plenty of herbal and sugar-free tea to boost your antioxidant intake minus the calories.

Minerals. Essential minerals can facilitate cancer prevention in numerous ways. They are able to prevent DNA mutations and damages that trigger cancer, they help oxygenate and energize healthy cells and help keep toxic waste away. As a matter of fact, a lack of essential minerals can actually allow cancer cells to spread freely into other body parts. Our bodies need minerals and other nutrients to encourage cell regeneration and if we fail to take them, we are essentially opening the door to cancer’s dreaded appearance. The top 5 anticancer minerals which help prevent the formation of cancer cells are: Iodine, Magnesium, Calcium, Selenium, and last but not least, Zinc. Foods rich in these minerals are: brazil nuts, seafood (salmon, shrimps, tuna, crab, oysters, etc), white lean meat (chicken, rabbit), sweet potatoes, peas, kidney beans, lentils, pumpkin seeds, bananas, papayas and nuts.

Healthy Fats. You may have heard that fat is bad for your heart but in reality, newer studies have found out that some types of fats are actually beneficial and have the potential to reduce inflammation that leads to cancer, aging and other disorders that bothers us today. Since the average Western diet is rich in trans fats and omega 6 which are bad for our health, the key to restore fat ratio/balance and prevent health problems is to eat more healthy fats and specifically Omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids (ALA, EPA and DHA) and Conjugated Linoleic Acids have been found in some studies to shrink cancer risk as much as 60% when taken regularly (source: Finish study appearing on Nutrition and Cancer journal). Healthy fatty acids are found in some raw/cold pressed vegetable oils like coconut, avocado, grape seed, and flaxseed oils, seafood, fatty fish (tuna, salmon, mackerel, sea bream, sea bass, cod liver oil), grass-fed meats, chia seeds, walnuts, almonds, avocados, and edamame.

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