Professional athletes follow intense workout diet regimes on a daily basis to stay fit and keep their performance in tip-top condition. And while we don’t have to do the same things as athletes do, we can “borrow” a few tips from them that will help us get fit and recover faster, when working out. Even something minor e.g eating a certain food post-workout is enough to get your workout regime to the next level. Here are the tips we are talking about:

Fuel yourself properly. Fueling is very important to recharge your lost batteries, pre and post working out. Ideally, you need to consume some low-calorie drinks and snacks that will replace any lost energy during the workout and give you some nutrients to speed up muscle recovery e.g proteins and complex carbs. Energy bars, chews, liquids and healthy DIY snacks like peanut butter toasts, bananas and carrot sticks with hummus are great food sources for refueling your body.

Don’t ignore your recovery sessions. In between workouts and actual races, athletes go through short sessions to recover their tired muscles and body in general. These include adequate resting/sleeping, meditation, warm water spas and 30-minute massage sessions. Of course, some of these things come with a cost e.g professional massages but you may reap the same benefits if you invest in massage tools and anything that relaxes your tired body at a minimal cost.

Keep yourself motivated. Being an athlete doesn’t always translate to tough and boring workouts that are a mere chore. It may sound cliche, but it is important to make your workout fun to make it work for you--otherwise, you’ll risk abandoning it sooner or later. Try different workouts and exercises for a nice variety and make sessions more entertaining by playing fitness workout songs or getting a friend evolved so you can motivate each other. If you are fed up with a specific workout, simply switch some exercises to make it more interesting.

Use some balls. Weights aren’t the only tools you can use in your workout regime. Using stability, kettlebells and medicine balls e.g for abs and squats is helpful for increasing body balance, flexibility, and coordination of various body muscles. Plus, they make your workout more fun. No wonder why balls are found in nearly every gym and you better have one yourself as well, so you can do some ball exercises at home.

Write down your individual fitness goals. There is no athlete that doesn’t have a list of goals and plans in mind, no matter how small or big these may be. The good ol’ saying that failing to plan is planning to fail applies here. If you haven’t worked on your fitness goals already, take a list and write down everything that you wish to achieve with your workouts e.g weight loss, lean muscle gain, strength improvements, etc. Then look for specific workouts and combos to achieve these goals. And if you aren’t sure, simply consult a professional trainer to help guide you along the way.   

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