Everybody that goes through a diet and exercise regime is looking for fast and tangible results and we are all familiar with staples such as following a healthy wholesome diet and doing cardio workouts. However, there are also some supplementary things that will greatly boost your weight loss efforts as they help you burn more calories, within a fast period to time. Here they are:

Drink water properly. Sure, you may have heard that you need to drink enough water a zillion times but here’s the catch--the manner you take it will affect the effects you’ll get out of it. For instance, it has been found that drinking ice cold water places the system in shock and hydration levels won’t get replenished fast in our bodies. Plain tap or bottled water may also be loaded with nasty chemicals and heavy metals that will make your system more harm than good. To truly reap the hydration and weight-loss properties of water, drink it with a few lemon slices or brew in caffeine-free herbals like our own detox blend and drink it cold (but not ice cold) or lukewarm.

Destress. Your stress and anxiety levels can do more damage than simply driving you nuts. Stress and especially chronic stress can actually increase your cortisol levels and slow down your metabolism, which will ultimately lead to fat gain unless you do something to control it. Of course, just like all the rest of us, you can’t be 100% stress-free all the time but you can do a few things to keep your stress levels under control: try meditation/yoga, reading self-improvement books, taking deep breaths or playing a few brain-stimulating games like Sudoku or crosswords, every time you are stressed and need a break.

Switch between workout intensities. A common mistake that many do when trying to burn more calories, is to perform the same exercises every time with the same intensity. What this does, though, is to exercise only a few muscle groups and not actually target any body fat. To make the most of your time, try switching between exercises of low, medium and high intensity and dedicate at least 10 minutes for each exercise type. Some low-intensity workouts you can try anywhere include skating, aqua aerobics, yoga and walking. Medium intensity exercises include jogging, cycling, swimming, running on an elliptical, and walking on a treadmill. High-intensity workouts include jumping jacks, butt kicks, running on a treadmill at a 7+ speed, and mountain climbing.

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