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Working out and exercising may appear as an easy task for many people, but in reality, things are much more complicated than they appear to be. You can’t simply follow a specific exercise routine and expect to see obvious results overnight and with minimal effort. And if despite your attempts, you don’t seem to get rid of all this unwanted weight or tone up your body, it probably means you are doing something wrong--or simply fail to do enough things that will help you get real and obvious results from your workout routine. Here are some common reasons why your workout routine simply doesn’t work, according to fitness experts and our experience here at Teatox Australia:

You train too much or too little. The frequency, as well as the intensity of your workout, can either make or break the results you finally get out of it. If let’s say, you exercise only once a week up to 10 minutes or on the contrary, workout daily for 3 hours straight and over exhaust yourself,  you won’t see any results simply because you are pushing your body to extreme opposites. If it’s too little, your muscles and fat will hardly ever get stimulated to change whereas too much exercising can actually “eat” your muscle cells and you may end up getting injured or get a thin, saggy appearance.

You don’t follow the right diet. Every fitness expert agrees that it’s not possible to get results from your workout alone without following a proper diet plan at the same time. It’s just pointless to workout while munching on french fries or pizza every other day. There are several types of health and weight-loss diets to follow and there is no excuse in saying you can't find anything that suits your likes, health, fitness, and lifestyle goals. Some popular diet options include: vegan, paleo, high-protein, ketogenic diet, etc.

You exercise only one muscle at a time by doing the same exercises again and again. Another thing that many people neglect when working out, especially when working out alone, is doing only one exercise or two per session that work with only one muscle group at a time e.g squats or train lifting. Perhaps you wish to work on one problematic part of your body more than others e.g your tummy and this is fine.  However, due to the fact that our muscles and systems, in general, are interconnected, you can’t focus on one part only without exercising others as well and expect to see results. It is suggested for this reason that you alternate between exercises that stimulate more than one part of your body e.g squats with ropes or jumpee junks and abs or cardio exercises.

You don’t properly hydrate your body and relax after a workout. Besides following a healthy and suitable diet, another factor that influences your results is proper hydration and relaxation or sleeping time in-between your workout sessions. Our systems need proper hydration from pure and sugar-free resources like plain water or tea to replenish any lost sweat and electrolytes or other nutrients post-workout. Ideally, you should aim to drink at least 2 litres of liquids daily and slightly more the days you exercise. Also, make sure you take some breaks to relax your muscles in-between the sessions and get a solid 8-hours sleep to replenish your system. If you don’t, not only your results won’t show up, you will feel tired or just plain unwell.

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